Undzere Kinder

Was it a documentary? Was it a comedy? A drama? All of the three? I am not sure. What I did find out is that “Undzere Kinder” (Our Children) was the last Yiddish film to be made in Poland. Set in 1948 it had to be about the Holocaust, but it’s not a “traditional” Holocaust movie. Or documentary.

What have I not heard about the Holocaust. The most dreadful stories. The most shivering accounts. But what really got me in this film was this little girl telling the story to the other children of how she survived the war: She was sold by the Nazi commandant to an elderly Pole for a silver coin when the truck loaded with Jewish children drove through a Polish village. On the way to be executed, we obviously assume. A mind-blowing intersection of humanity and sadism.

“Our Children”. More info on the film here: http://nyjff.blogspot.com/2007/01/last-yiddish-film-made-in-poland-unzere.html

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