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Sholem Aleychem!

I, Hili, am currently enrolled in the 6 week Yiddish summer course at YIVO in New York City starting from 20. June.

A very intensive and as a result – very exhausting course in one of the world’s most intensive, exhausting and interesting cities should not leave much time for blogging. Who knows, maybe it doesn’t and I will be left with high aspirations but only 5 blog posts. But I have still made up my mind to give it a try. First of all for my own sake. I enjoy writing for the writing’s sake, but I also believe that putting thoughts down in print facilitates the learning process. Secondly I have decided to make this public for others who take an interest in or want to learn more about the European Jewish language Yiddish and the captivating and rich Jewish culture.

To this I want to add that I am severely disturbed by the lack of knowledge in this field by my fellow Norwegians. So much opinions, but so little knowledge. Shouldn’t I write this blog in Norwegian then? Perhaps. I thought about it quite a lot. But I still decided on English. Why? (or “farvos” as we would say in Yiddish) That’s ta-ke (or “indeed” as we would say in English) a good question.

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