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Two brothers – an agode

We read this very cute agode – legend – in class. I just translated it, in between the homework: Once upon a time there were two brothers. The older one had no wife and no children. The younger brother had … Continue reading

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From not-so-foygldik to very foygldik

I have implemented not-so-foygldik (see pre-previous post) into my active vocabular. Since I have not learnt yet what is the opposite, which is a thing that turns out better than expected, I use the term “foygldik” as a term of … Continue reading

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Sholem aleychem!

This beautiful greeting means “peace be upon you”. A familiar greeting from other languages too. In Hebrew we say “Shalom alechem”. At least in theory. In Arabic the phrase goes “assalaam aleikum”. The answer is the reverse: “Aleychem sholem”. In every … Continue reading

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